Spa-Tique by Margo


Fluid Dermabrasion Facial

Fluid Dermabrasion is the latest innovative treatment in skincare technology, and an excellent crystal free alternative to microdermabrasion. Combining the power of both chemical and mechanical exfoliation, this process breaks up the outer layer of the skin to reveal a smoother, more even texture. This is perfect for people who want to exfoliate, but have more sensitive skin. Luckily, this procedure is gentle and very relaxing without discomfort. After the treatment, skin becomes slightly pink, but the color effect quickly subsides.

Fluid Dermabrasion is used on all skin types to repair aging, congested, blemished, dull, or discolored skin. oily skin can benefit from this too by becoming less greasy as pores are shrunk significantly. In addition, mild acne scars can be reduced and fine lines can be eliminated. This treatment can also be used to reduce puffy eyes.

Overall, this process will increase circulation and lymph flow within a patient's’ body, along with many other benefits. The entire process of Fluid Dermabrasion takes only about half an hour to perform from start to finish, and results such as softness and hydration will be evident immediately.


Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles Improves the appearance of aging, thickening skin Helps repair sun-damaged skin
Refines pores

Encourages softer, smoother skin, reduces the appearance of scar tissue

Gua Sha facial 

 It's an anti aging facial, including cleansing, steam, skin analysis, exfoliation, extraction (if needed), Gua Sha facial lifting massage, customized mask, toner, serums, eye and lip cream, anti aging moisturizer, sun protection w/SPF.

Gua Sha facial massage is an alternative therapy that uses a massage tool, typically jade, to scrape the skin. This is 3,000-year-old Chinese healing technique that encourages collagen production (strength in cells). It sculpts and tones the face shape, allowing inflammation to drain and muscles to become free of tension — allowing them to do their supportive jobs properly. It also helps the skin return to its most radiant state as circulation is increased, sending nutrients to areas that may have been starved because of blockage.

What are the benefits?

Carries nutrient-rich and oxygenated blood (food for the cells) to the skin and tissues
Drains lymph fluid (which is often filled with toxins and waste) out of the cells to be cleansed

Eliminates or greatly reduces wrinkles
Treats and prevents sagging skin (lifts and tightens the skin)
Brightens the complexion
Greatly speeds the healing time of breakouts and pimples, helping these skin issues overall
Has the ability to heal and relieve rosacea
Aids in product penetration
Treats TMJ disorder and migraine headache
Can be an alternative to injections and face-lift surgery (when practiced on a regular basis at home or when receiving treatments from a licensed practitioner)

Customized Facial 

A pampering facial tailored to individual skin needs, this treatment will rejuvenate all skin types. A great choice for the facial novice. It combines deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions and a treatment mask. A blend of moisturizers hydrates the skin, leaving it absolutely glowing. Stress melts away with a relaxing massage to the face, neck, shoulders and arms to reduce tension and improve circulation. Results are a revitalized, smoother, healthier-looking complexion.

Myofascial anti-aging face and head massage 

This technique starts from your head massage because your facial muscles are connected with your head muscles.
The basic principles of this technique:
• The tendon helmet is being worked out, the tension in the scalp is relieved;
• This leads to involuntary changes in the muscles of the face, since the frontal muscle is attached to the suture of the cranium;
• Soft tissues of the head are affected - wrinkles on the forehead disappear;
• Facial lymphatic drainage reduces swelling in the eye and neck area, as well as the rest of the face.

Myofascial massage has an amazing rejuvenating effect, easily integrating into a variety of cosmetic procedures, increasing their effectiveness several times.
What are the benefits?

  • Instant lifting and toning affect - plus cumulative skin improvement
  • Lymphatic drainage - removes toxins and water retention which slims and tones your skin while making it healthier overall
  • Improves circulation - nutrients are delivered to the tissues and cells, improving color and tone.
  • Relaxing - a lot of fine lines and wrinkles are the result of tension that you may not even realize you are carrying in your face, especially around your eyes.
  • Stimulates skin and revives a sluggish, dull complexion


Anti-Aging Collagen Facial 

Our tightening, toning Anti-Aging Facial treatment help boost collagen and elastin production, stimulate cellular regeneration, oxygenate skin cells, inhibit production of free radicals, stimulate blood circulation, and most importantly, work deep inside the skin to make expression lines less noticeable. In addition, it is specially formulated to purify pores, and to moisturize the skin, while instantly lifting and brightening.

What are the benefits?                                                           

  • Provides an instant lifting and skin brightening effect

  • Stimulates cellular regeneration and blood circulation

  • Helps boost collagen and elastin production Provides deep hydration

  • Oxygenates skin cells Purifies pores

  • Good for all skin types

Acne Facial 

Acne is the most prevalent skin condition affecting not only teenagers, but many adults in their 20’s, 30’s, and beyond. Typically, acne develops in areas where there is an abundance of oil glands, like the: face, scalp, chest, back, and neck. While acne is common, it is variable and often requires a complex combination of treatment regimes.

Most effective treatment on Acne treatment is on 3 series because with acne prone skin, every time we try to clean the surface of the face skin. 

This treatment include deep double cleansing  warm steam and warm towels, exfoliation, skin analysis, extraction, high-frequency, LED, customize masque, toner, serums, moisturizer, Lip and Eye care, sun protection w/spf 30.